Rig #21 Utah

Our intent at Capstar Drilling, Inc is to provide a safe working environment in all areas for our employees. Accidents and injuries are prevented by controlling the work environment and the actions of employees. Therefore, safety will always take precedence over expediency or shortcuts. Every attempt is made to reduce the possibility of accident occurrence. Protection of employees, the public and company property and operations is paramount. Capstar Drilling, Inc considers no phase of the operation more important that the health and safety of the employees and the protections of our environment.

Employee safety is the first consideration in the operation of business. Safe practices on the part of the workers must be part of the operation. Employees must understand their personal responsibility for the prevention of injuries on and off the job. Accident prevention and efficient production go hand-in-hand. ALL INJURIES CAN AND SHOULD BE PREVENTED.
We continue to be guided and motivated by this HSE Policy, and with the cooperation of all employees, will actively pursue a safer working environment throughout Capstar Drilling, Inc.

Feel free to contact our HSE Department at 432-664-2091 or to request additional information, please write to [email protected].