Capstar Drilling is a small independent drilling contractor in the Rocky Mountains. We specialize in shallower, less than 12,000’, oil and gas wells. This keeps our rigs and crews moving around more often but also can keep us busier in slow times. We have 9 rigs spread out in order to cover several states surrounding Utah, Montana and where we are based, Casper, WY. We have been in business 55 years and have survived through the ups and downs of the oilfield due to our core set of employees. We do our best to be loyal to them as they are loyal to us. We are ready to expand over the next several months and are in need of good workers who want to make a career out of the oilfield drilling business. Floorhands are the entry level position on a drilling rig, Motorhands (depending on experience) are the next level and both positions are labor intensive jobs. We try to keep a 2 on 2 off schedule but there are times that you are expected to stay to finish projects, affecting your days’ off. We know from our experience that traveling to and from the Rockies is not very lucrative or sustainable. We would prefer employees that would be willing to relocate after deciding that this was there future pathway.

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To qualify for this position you must meet the following requirements:

- Must be able to pass a drug screen

- Must have a social security card & valid driver’s license or state issued picture ID

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Do you have good transportation? (You are responsible for getting to and from the drilling rig.)(Required)
Can you pass a physical that includes a lifting test of 75 lbs?(Required)

If hired, we will supply you with FRC (fire resistant clothing). What is your pant and shirt size?