In 1984, Jim Brazeal and Jerry Coleman started a partnership that would become an adventure with one Walker-Neer Apache drilling rig.  They had not imagined that their journey would become one of America’s leaders in land drilling.  With competent decisions and an ambition to be one of the fastest, and efficient drilling companies, Brazeal and Coleman started to grow their Texas Based drilling company under the name of Capstar Drilling.  As the fleet of single style, top head drive drilling rigs began to grow rig by rig, the entire oil field began to take note.  A small Texas drilling company was beating records set by traditional box on box rigs with what was thought of as a “new design”.  In actually, they knew what an older design could do when “crewed up” with competent people.  The smaller locations that were required by Capstar Drilling saved operators money before the rig ever arrived on location.  The accomplishments of Capstar Drilling sparked the attention of larger oil companies at this time.

In the late 1990’s SCF Partners, based out of Houston, Texas, acquired Capstar Drilling and placed them under the guidance of Hydraulic Well Control, a Houma, Louisiana based company.  While under the direction of SCF Partners, Capstar began to grow into an even more efficient company.  Rigs were able to be refurbished and Capstar Drilling’s name was able to be spread into the state of Ohio with the purchase of Peek and Rowan Drilling Company.  By this time, Capstar Drilling was able to operate 10 rigs in the Permian Basin and 3 rigs in the state of Ohio, while still increasing experience and holding tight to the original plan of fast moving, rapid drilling and safe operations.

Capstar continued to increase in efficiency and had the experience of the Permian Basin and Ohio to be even more competitive with its competitors.  In 2001, Oil States International, a diversified oilfield services company and a leading manufacturer of products for deepwater production facilities and subsea pipelines, acquired Capstar Drilling.  Oil States International (OIS) saw and acted on the opportunity to grow this smaller drilling company even more.  One of the first plans was to increase the 500 horse power fleet.  It was this moment that Capstar Drilling began construction of the CSD Line of Drilling Rigs.  Constructed in the Odessa, Texas Facility they began a new fleet of single, top head driven drilling rigs with higher KB’s, more efficient pumps, stouter derricks and new “iron rough necks”.  Capstar was in the direction to increase its fleet again.

In 2006, OIS acquired a Rocky Mountain Division for Capstar known as Elenburg Exploration, a Casper, Wyoming based drilling company with 8 similar drilling rigs.  The company that was owned by the Elenburg family since 1966, and managed by Nick Wendland, brought even more experience and drive to the current Capstar Drilling Fleet.  The values set forth by Elenburg Exploration, was a mirror image of the same goals of Capstar Drilling. The U.S. Fleet then grew to a total of 24 drill rigs.

Today Capstar Drilling is operating 9 of the most efficient, most agile, and safest drilling rigs across the United States.  The fleet now ranges from 400hp to 750hp, small double and super single rigs. Since September 2019, the operations are primarily focused on serving operators in the US Rocky Mountain region. The experience of our company has grown as well as our focus on safety, people, and the environment.  We strive to continue the record setting accomplishments set by the former owners.  We continue to hold tight to the original plan of fast moving, rapid drilling and safe operations.