After years of experience with the super single style drilling rigs, Capstar Drilling found that operators were looking for a “Built-For-Purpose” line of drilling rigs.  Operators were needing the fast, safe and efficient operations in a more versatile unit.  Taking advice from some of the tope operators in the nation, Capstar Drilling created the CSD Line of Drilling Rigs.

Each rig in the CSD Line has been designed and constructed in the Capstar Drilling Facility in Odessa, Texas.  With every rig built, Capstar made sure that each rig is:

  • Equipped with a VENTURE-TECH Top-Head Drive and Hydraulic Pipe handler.  With this combination, connections take a minute or less and the Top Drive allows for rotation and circulation while running casing. The Hydraulic Pipe Handler eliminates an extra trip or any laydown machine. During coring operations, the connections can be made with the core barrel on bottom to maximize core recovery.
  • Equipped with Hydraulic tubular wrenches, also known as “Iron Rough Necks”, that eliminates tongs and hand placement on tubulars.
  • Engineered to use a minimum of a Three Man Crew.
  • Equipped with Hydraulic pipe racks that reduce strain on employees when rolling tubulars to and from hydraulic pipe handler.
  • Engineered to insure that Capstar leads the industry in Rig-Up and Rig-Down Time.  Not only does this cut down on operator downtime, each rig in the CSD Line is capable of using As little as 10 truck loads in a majority of Rig Moves.
  • Designed to accommodate a smaller location size, which once again, means cost savings to operator.
  • As all other Capstar Drilling rigs, No rathole or mouse hole is required.